Representative Payee

Purpose: The Payee Program offers money management services to assist persons who are incapable of budgeting, paying routine bills, and keeping track of financial matters.  The recipient must be certified by a physician to be incapable of money management.

How Do You Enroll: Request at any Social Security Office that you want SCHRA to be your Representative Payee or visit one of our offices throughout the South Central Tennessee region.

Eligibility: Persons must receive Social Security or some type of disability benefit, and be certified by a physician to be incapable of money management.


• To ensure payments are used for the client’s current needs or saved if not needed.

• To ensure client continues to meet eligibility requirements for disability benefits payments.

• To assist with development and implementation of a monthly budget to ensure availability of funds through out month

• To assist with continued enrollment process as deemed necessary by the Payment Source.

• To provide collaborative effort with other Agencies to ensure recipient is receiving appropriate and essential services.

Explanation of Services:  The Payee Program accepts referrals from local social service organizations, mental health facilities, Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, and private physicians.  Additionally, the Program works closely with local law enforcement and judicial system as needed. Emphasis is placed on assuring all recipients have appropriate housing and availability of weekly funds for purchase of food and personal items required for daily living.

Source of Funding:  The program is an independently supported program and receives its revenue by collection of fees from the client.  The Social Security Administration determines the fees that are allowed to be charged to the client.

Counties Served:  Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Marshall, Maury, Moore, Perry, and Wayne.

​For More Information Please Contact:
Community Representative Payee Program Coordinator
Call: 1-800-221-2642, ext. 106

Representative Payee Program Volunteers

Volunteers play an important role in all of our programs whether it is an ongoing commitment or one day service.  We welcome all involvement.  You can make a difference. 

Our payee program is looking for volunteers to:

• Promote this service by visiting various facilities to hand out brochures and flyers.
• Help answer the phone as well as perform general office duties.